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New Baby 2015

Old Father Time 2014 has moved on and a New Baby 2015 has arrived. But even that new little guy won’t stay around long. In just a year’s time he’ll be on his way too. Another year past, and “What did we do with 2015?”

When Google posted its top ten stories of 2014 such diverse searches as the movie Frozen and the Ebola crisis in West Africa both made the list. While those stories tell us something about the trending news that piqued people’s interest, they don’t really say anything about what folks did with the information they gathered. Was it all just to satisfy a passing curiosity, or did it prompt anyone to take action? Cultural commentator, Jim Denison, highlighted the box office hit and the African health crisis as stories that remind us that ultimately it’s people that “matter forever.” Everything else is just scenery.

In the movie Frozen, a character named Anna sets off on a journey to find her sister Ela. At one point she is all alone, deathly sick and shivering in the cold. But Anna’s snowman friend Olaf finds her and starts a fire to revive her. As a result, Olaf begins to melt, and Anna begs him to back away. But Olaf responds with this memorable line: “Some things are worth melting for.”

When the Ebola crisis began in West Africa, health care providers from around the world decided that Olaf was right. Many were infected with the disease and some died. At one point Samaritan’s Purse ministry reported that 2/3 of the early responders to the health crisis were from faith based organizations. They believed that serving people in need is worth its cost, and some eventually gave their lives to do it.

That thoughtful connection between a popular kid’s movie and the epidemic in West Africa prompts me to probe a little deeper as I think about what we’ll spend our lives on in the coming year. If a Google search could probe the list of the top ten stories of our personal lives for the coming year, I wonder what that list would reveal. And how does our concern for the need of people to come to know Christ fit into the storyline of that report?

Recent statistics reported in John Dickerson’s, The Great Evangelical Recession, noted that just 7-9% of our American population now identify as evangelical. Further, at current rates of decline, that number will drop to 4% within 30 years, reducing evangelicals to one out of every 25 Americans. Two in three evangelical 20-year-olds will abandon the faith by age 30, comprising 260,000 exiting the church every year, but unlike previous generations, two-thirds of them never will return. These are sobering statistics for the future of Christ’s church in America. (Fortunately, the Church is growing like gang busters in places like Brazil, Cuba, Indonesia and China. What can we learn from them that could reverse the trends of the American church’s decline?)

This is the world into which God has called us to make a difference…in the winsome character of our witness, in the reality of our love and willingness to give of ourselves for people, in our passion for investing in the things that matter for eternity. In this life, we really don’t get any “do-overs.” We will get just one 2015. Who are the friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members that you are praying regularly for…that you are actively engaged in serving?

Olaf’s script writer nailed it. So did the Ebola health care first responders. There really are some things worth giving our lives for. Right now, as 2015 gets underway, would be a great time to identify those that you want at the top of your list for the year if you truly believe that only people and their relationship with God matter forever. Who are those friends, and how will you seek to extend the love of Christ to them?

Happiest of New Year’s to you,

Pastor Dave






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