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A 50th Recap and Reflection

The dust is beginning to settle after all the activity of our 50th celebration. What a great time we had! From the hearing of great stories of our church family’s early beginnings, to the hugs and reunions of friends too long apart, to the burning of the mortgage (“How many pastors does it take to burn a mortgage?!), to the times of worship in song and memories of God’s faithfulness in the more recent past, to the delicious reception treats and fine Italian meal…it was a great weekend!

Like any great experience we can look back with a smile and move on to the next thing on our calendar. Our ministry is ongoing and there are plenty of challenges ahead. But sometimes it’s worth it to mine an experience for some of the treasures that are uncovered along the way, and our 50th celebration is no exception. In fact, a number of things stand out to me when I think about how they relate to what has enabled our ministry to thrive over decades of time.

1. We have servant hearted people coming together who willingly use their varied gifts to keep writing the story of God’s faithfulness. I can’t remember a time in our recent church history when so many in our church family pulled together to make a great ministry memory together. Maybe the one event that compares is when we do our Worship in Action Sunday. But here we had landscapers, painters, deep cleaners, history researchers, interviewers, story board creators, photographers, flower arrangers, room decorators and set up teams, cooks with their kitchen assistants, hospitality preparers and cleaner uppers, fire pit builders, musicians of every kind, singers, sound and media technicians, greeters and ushers, children’s and youth workers, pray-ers, story tellers…, and the list goes on. And the spirit of joy in which it was all carried out? Well, that was a work of God in our midst too. Servant hearted people pulling together make healthy ministry happen. It’s always been a fact in this church’s history and it was beautifully put on display in our celebration weekend together.

2. We are invested in families at the core of our ministry, recognizing that preparing the next generation is critical to the life of Christ’s church for the future. It’s now a well-recognized fact of ministry that most who put their trust in Christ do so before the age of 18. The family always has been and is still the best relay system for passing along a vibrant faith. From the earliest days of our history when a fisherman’s wife gathered children in her home to teach them songs and poems and Bible stories, our ministry has flourished because of its investment in the lives of kids and families. Even so today, we are committed to coming alongside families to encourage their spiritual investment in the lives of their children. Our children’s ministries, AWANA, CEF clubs and youth ministries serve our church families and move beyond to extend our reach into families where the gospel of Christ has not yet found a home. The future of our local church rests on our investment in families, youth and children.

3. We believe that Christ’s Great Commission of taking the gospel to the ends of the world is a call that extends to us personally as well. This church was birthed in the womb of cross-cultural exchange. It was a readiness to assist immigrants wanting to learn English and to gain American naturalization that cracked open the door on the gospel being planted in what would become our earliest church family. Down through the years it has been an undying commitment to keep reaching out with the good news of Christ’s love that has breathed life and vision into our history. Even today, it is this compelling call that moves us to pray, to send, to give, and to go. From our youth trips that have been going short term to Mexico (now 23 years) to our long standing commitments to long term servants like Marilyn Escher in Senegal and the Robertsons and Harts in Jordan, our involvement in cross-cultural missions continues to fuel our vision for Christ’s heart for the world. It is God’s love for “the world” that prompted Him to send His Son. Now He calls us to keep following Him in this venture.

Undergirding and supporting all of these are the ministry foundation stones of Christ exalting worship, Biblical preaching and teaching, caring relationships and sacrificial giving. Together these core values have built a local ministry that God is using to impact our peninsula community and beyond. It was good to have the 50th to remind us of our roots. It’s good to remember again the ministry basics that have set our direction. The privilege and the challenge is now with refreshed vision to carry this legacy forward.

For Sanctuary’s tomorrow,

Pastor Dave






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