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Sunday Services

  • 9:00 - 10:10 Adult Bible Study and Children's Sunday School
  • 10:10 Fellowship time (Donuts and coffee)
  • 10:30 Worship Service (Children's church at 10:45)

Christmas Eve Service

Tuesday, December 24, @ 5:00 p.m. is our candlelight Christmas Eve service. This is one of our favorite family traditions here at SBCCV. Invite your family and friends to join you in this time to stop and focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Make sure you arrive early to get a good seat. Child care available.



Cachagua Services
Cachagua Church meets each Sunday of each month (11:00 am in the park in Caachagua). Come and see what is happening out in Cachagua yourself!






Life Passages

By the time you read this our Thanksgiving gatherings will be history and already we’ll be moving into the full anticipation of all that the Christmas season brings. Regardless our circumstances, we who know Jesus have much for which to give thanks and much to anticipate as we celebrate the goodness of God in the gift of His Son. I love this time of year with all of its encouragement to remember and enjoy the most important things in life.
And this holiday season there are two women who are front and center on my heart and mind even as I reflect on the many ways in which we have been so greatly blessed. The first is my mother, Jean Hong, of Bellingham, Washington. The other is Nina Williams, daughter of Forrest and Madge Williams, a local girl from right here in Carmel Valley.

Almost two weeks ago now on November 19 the Lord called my mom home…to our heavenly home. On the same day Nina Williams underwent surgery and received a new set of lungs. Both passages were profound. One, completing a rich life of love and service, and another, just opening the door on many more rich opportunities yet to come. And as I think about these two ladies, I am struck by how each have found delight in life and how each have persevered through challenges with great determination.

Nina’s recent surgery at Stanford came only after years of waiting, waiting and hoping, waiting in the face of a wasting disease that made even drawing a breath a difficult chore. And there were numerous false starts where Nina was called up to Stanford to be prepped for the transplant, only to learn that the donor lungs would not work. But through the years of her waiting, Nina has chosen delight over discouragement and determination to trust God for a good outcome. As an accomplished artist, Nina has found joy in the beauty of our central coast countryside, painting blue skies, rocky hillsides and surging ocean waves or all the delicate intricacies of a blooming orchid or begonia with whirring hummingbird nearby. We often don’t get to choose our circumstances, but there’s delight to be found when we look beyond our hardships to see the beauties of God’s goodness and His kind provisions.

And then there’s my mom. What a remarkable woman of delight and determination. The sparkle in her eyes and the giggle in her laughter drew you to her. She could find the bright side of any difficult situation…which served her well through 25 years of teaching elementary school children and then traveling to Ghana, West Africa for another 18 years of missionary service (and she hated to fly!). Mom delighted in my dad, their 3 kids, their 12 grandkids and 14 great grandchildren. She loved finding gifts for them. She loved the adventure of driving across country to be with them. (Mom drove down to camp with us at Tahoe this past July, and in August she ordered a new bathing suit, hoping for one more chance to go swimming : ). Mom delighted in her Scottie dog, Angie, and she delighted in rooting for the Mariners. Even after the stroke that made words hard to find, Mom found delight in the flowers and birds that came to feed just outside her care center’s window. Most profoundly, Mom delighted in the Lord and all her life she excelled in teaching and mentoring other women to follow Him.
I don’t know what you are facing as you walk through this holiday season. My heart will be drawn back to the joy and determination of these two lovely ladies. What lives, rich with grace. And, I’ll be drawn to the God who gives us life and breath for each new day, until that day He so chooses to call us home. Every day is a gift and an opportunity for discovery. Each one is marked with His goodness. Delight can be found if our eyes are on Him.

Refreshed again by the reminder of God’s faithfulness and care,

Pastor Dave






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