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Cachagua Services
Cachagua Church meets each Sunday of each month (11:00 am in the park in Caachagua). Come and see what is happening out in Cachagua yourself!






The Best of Times...

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…so wrote Dickens as he opened his classic novel, A Tale of Two Cities. And most of us can remember a time where we tasted some of that kind of experience. Frankly, most of us experience so much of the best of times that even a little challenge can take the edge off our delight, having become accustomed to so much of a blessed and easy road. With so much to be thankful for, it’s hard to say that we’ve truly experienced much of the worst of times. We are blessed, indeed, aren’t we?!

I was reminded of that this week as we wrestled with budget numbers for the new year. The last few months our giving has not kept up with our regular expenses, causing us to deplete our small rainy day reserves. At the same time we are faced with several large financial ticket items that will need to be addressed in the not too distant future. We have a church van that needs to be replaced to provide safe and reliable transportation for our youth going on mission trips and off to camps at Silver Spur. We have a parking lot that needs to be resurfaced to prevent long term deterioration and septic work that needs to be done for the youth center and church parsonage. And we would very much like to retire our mortgage debt by our 50th year celebration in September of this year, which would require us to pay off the last couple of months early.

Sound like big needs in the face of limited church family resources? Yes, challenging, but certainly not something to take the edge off our joy if our eyes are firmly on the Lord and our expectation that our leadership will continue to seek Him for the wisdom needed to guide us through.

You see, we also have some remarkable blessings that are at the heart of what makes a church family strong. We have a solid commitment to keeping the gospel of Christ central in each of our ministries, be it our Sunday morning times of worship and instruction or our smaller group gatherings that take place throughout the week. Lifting up Jesus as our Savior and Sustainer keeps us in that place where we can anticipate His guidance and His supply. And His spirit of love that pervades this church family, addressing personal needs with prayer and personal care – that spirit communicates authentic faith and welcome, making this a consistently encouraging place to be. Even when faced with some stretching financial challenges, our confidence is that we will address these challenges together, with eyes on the Lord to guide us through.

Most of you know too, that some time ago we received a generous financial gift to be used for a piece of property for our Cachagua church ministry. The timing is ironic, given our general budget needs, but this week we were able to open escrow on a property that can be purchased by the cash gift outright, with monies remaining for developing the property for the Cachagua ministry’s use. It’s a ten acre parcel with two fine homes on it – one that could make an ideal first home for the church’s meeting uses there. And, yes, there are some contingencies to be met before we would close this deal, but we see God’s fingerprints on this opportunity, and we want to step out in faith to stay in step with His lead. Exciting times! The best of times. And challenging times as well.

My sense is that this is a great opportunity for us to take stock of our personal dependence on the Lord for His provision and lead. He has given us a rich heritage of others who have gone before us on this Carmel Valley site, and He has good plans for us as we look to Him for navigating the road ahead. If anything, this is a renewed call for each one of us to keep the future of our ministry as a priority in our personal and gathered times of prayer. It’s a time to keep reaching out, and with renewed concern, to those who don’t yet know Christ. With our terrific facilities and healthy church family I don’t know of another Valley church that is as well prepared to do this as we are. And it’s a time to prayerfully consider our personal financial giving. It may be that God would prompt you to help us address our current financial needs. Most of all it’s a time to seek the Lord, asking Him to do the work in us and through us that will cause His name to be known across our peninsula in fresh ways as we move out in step with Him.

Right now I’m thinking of upwards of 150 children that will come onto our campus in just over a week’s time. And they will be filled with eager anticipation to hear the Bible stories and to experience the fun of a week of our VBS ministry. It will be volunteer intensive. It will stretch our finances. And it will be an exciting time of God’s working in young hearts as the gospel of His love is shared with them in fresh ways every day. Pray with me, won’t you that this week will make an eternal difference in the lives of these children and their families

For the best of times,

Pastor Dave






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