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Welcome, Stephen Whitham!

One of the great privileges of pastoring is getting to work with a wonderfully talented and diverse staff team. I’m often amazed when I reflect on how God has brought us together over the years to become this ministry family that so enjoys serving together. From our Office Administrator, Patty, to our Cachagua missionary, Pastor Orville, to our youth team of Pastor Grant and Girls Youth Discipleship Leader, Carrie, to Tiffany, directing our Kids Ministry, to AWANA Commander Brad, who keeps our grounds and facilities looking their best, we have a terrific team! Each one is uniquely gifted for the great part that they play in guiding our ministries forward, and I love working together with them.

That being said, we’ve also had a spot open for some time for a part time Guys Youth Discipleship Leader, someone to work alongside Carrie under Pastor Grant’s guidance, who would pour himself into the lives of middle and high school guys. Now we believe God has led us to that new partner for our team, and we want to introduce you to him.

Stephen Whitham is finishing up his bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences at CSUMB and plans to enter the teacher credential program there next year. He’s had a rich history of working with AWANA and youth ministries in his home church of Grace Baptist Church in Santa Maria and he hopes to use his teaching credential to teach at the middle school level. Stephen loves working with Middle Schoolers!

This week Pastor Grant passed some questions Stephen’s way to help us get to know him better, and here’s what Stephen had to say:

1. What are you looking forward to as you start working with the guys in our youth group?
I am looking forward to God being able to use me in ways that help lead the guys into forming a stronger relationship with Christ.

2. So, do you have a favorite memory from your time in your youth group at your home church?
When I was a freshman our youth group had a New Year’s all-nighter where we played games, worshipped, and watched all three Lord of the Rings movies (extended edition). It took 12 hours. It was great!

3. Do you have any hobbies (like maybe disc golf)?
Volleyball, disc golf, racquetball, video games.

4. Who are your favorite superheroes?
Marvel: Nightcrawler, DC: Batman.

5. Who would win a fight, a velociraptor or a polar bear and why?
The polar bear would have the upper hand early on because of its sheer force, but the agility and tenacity of the velociraptor (let’s not forget the claws) would allow it to win.

6. What is the all-time best combo of yogurt flavor and toppings at Myo Yougurt (Stephen is a manager at our local Monterey Myo shop)?
Mango Sorbet and Georgia Peach yogurt with Mochi, Strawberries, and Blueberries.

7. If you could convince every youth aged kid of one biblical truth, what would it be?
No matter what you are going through, Christ not only is your hope, but He can also empathize with you completely. (Hebrews 4:15)

So, there you have it…a glimpse into our newest team member’s life and heart for ministry. Stephen will be playing a key role in encouraging our youth to know and follow Christ. He’ll need your prayers and all your encouragement. So join me, won’t you, in welcoming Stephen to our church family and ministry leadership team.

Delighted and Grateful,

Pastor Dave






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